And why you need to learn it or hire that talent ... NOW!

December 2022

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a movement that aims to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide financial services in a…

June 2021


May 2021

If it's trending on Twitter and it's cheap, Buy it!

April 2021

It's time you got involved.
Coinbase, The Exchange everyone loves to hate has gone Public.
Is this for real? We've got Two Weeks, People!
A fish tale about the one that got away.

March 2021

And why does it matter?
Things that scare me... In a good, profitable way. What do I write about? What will grab the audience by the ... B B ... Better argument. I'm going to…
Are you Smarter to ignore Cryptocurrency?
There is too much to say about Terra, it's a game-changer, born in Korea and soon to be a global Phenomenon. Get in touch, read, and ask questions. I'm…